2023-2024 Terms and Policies

Pay Tuition

Registration and Tuition

Registration fee:

A registration fee of $35 is paid once annually. Additional family members pay $10.


Tuition is charged by the semester of 17 lessons (or for classes, the length of the program as stated in the class description). New students can begin at any time, and if a student begins within a semester, that semester is pro-rated. Tuition is due by the first week of each semester. Invoices are emailed at least two weeks before the due date. A $20 late fee is added to tuition paid after the fourth week. A fee of $20 will be charged to cover the costs of a returned check.


Fees can be paid by check, cash, credit card (click "pay tuition" in top menu), or ACH. Checks and cash can be delivered to the office or the drop-box in the front reception area. Contact the office to set up automatic payments via ACH.

Tuition Due Dates 2023-2024:
Semester I:
Week of September 5
Semester II:
Week of January 29
Summer Term:
Week of June 10

Enrollment and calendar

Enrollment is for a full semester, or the prorated remainder of the semester. Semesters I and II have 17 lessons each. We offer lessons during summer term, and calendars and scheduling varies by studio, and is determined by individual teachers.

Students do not need to re-register semester to semester, and are considered enrolled until we receive notice of discontinuation. Please see below for withdrawal information.

Location of lessons

It is the School’s intention that all lessons take place on-site* where we provide pianos, administrative support, adequate parking, quiet lesson space and liability insurance. If the teacher and parent/student agree to hold lesson(s) off-site, tuition is still paid to the School, and the parent/student will release the School and teacher of all liability.

*Online lessons may substitute for in-person lessons. Each studio has a customized plan for online, in-person, or a hybrid structure of instruction. Consult your teacher, or new students should contact the office for more detail. Subject to change as developments occur. Above all, the health and safety of our students and broader community leads our decision-making process. If you feel ill, please stay home. Thank you for your understanding.

Minnesota Data pRIVacy Act

In accordance with the Minnesota Data Privacy Act, personal information requested by SJSM is never shared with the public. It is only given to the staff and faculty who need the information to perform their duties.

Make-up policies and weather

Make-up policies are determined by each teacher and a copy is given to the student at the first lesson. The teacher will notify students if for any reason, including bad weather, he/she will not be teaching. If the teacher misses a lesson, he/she will make it up. If the teacher is here, his/her classes are held even in bad weather.

Withdrawals and refunds

Any student who plans to withdraw at the end of a semester must notify the office two weeks before the end of the semester or pay one-fourth of the next semester tuition.  If a student withdraws within a semester, a written request for a refund is required. Within the first four weeks, 100% of remaining lessons will be refunded. After the fourth week, the refund will be granted for 50% of remaining lessons. After the 8th week, refunds are not available. The registration fee is nonrefundable. With written request, a student may change teachers within the first four weeks of their study or at the end of a semester, or a teacher may ask that a student be assigned to another teacher.

care of our school and community

Food and beverages are not allowed in our studios, except water. The cafe area where we provide tables, chairs, and an adjacent kitchen, is available for meals or snacks.

St. Joseph's is a welcoming and caring community. We agree to treat all people with respect. Harassment or offensive behavior will not be tolerated.

Photography and video recordings

SJSM uses photography and video recordings to document activities and promote opportunities. Participation in an activity serves as your consent to such photographs and recordings unless you indicate otherwise in writing, emailed or brought to our office. At any time you would like to make changes, please contact the office. Names and identifying information of students are not included with published photos.

Student Contract

By paying tuition, the student and/or family agrees to the terms outlined on this policy page.

Virtual lessons

Teachers who have the equipment necessary for online lessons may choose to offer this option to students in their studio. Online lessons offer a method to provide lessons in bad weather, during an illness, as a make-up lesson or for any mutually agreed reason. Online lessons are given with the mutual agreement of the student and the teacher. St. Joseph’s School of Music does not provide a dedicated online lesson offering to all students.


St. Joseph's School of Music is committed to accessibility and excellence in music education for all. We offer several scholarship programs. Please call Madeline at 651-690-4364 or email madeline@stjomusic.org for more information.

Private Lesson Tuition

The tuition is the same for all traditional students regardless of age, level, or teacher.

There are 17 lessons per semester in the school year, and a special summer term that is flexible and determined by each teacher for their studio.

30-minute lesson:
(per semester)
45-minute lesson:
(per semester)
60-minute lesson:
(per semester)

Summer Term tuition and classes are listed separately - posted at a later date.

Registration Fee of $35 is paid annually. Additional family members who enroll pay $10. For new students, lessons begun within a term are pro-rated.

Suzuki Strings Program Tuition

The Suzuki Strings Program enrollment includes private lesson (30, 45, or 60 min), group classes, parent education, Suzuki library, Play-Togethers, and String Fest.

Per semester:

30 Minutes:


45 Minutes:


60 Minutes:


Summer Term tuition and classes are listed separately - posted at a later date.

For class tuition information, please visit the Classes Page.

Registration Fee of $35 is paid annually. Additional family members who enroll pay $10. For new students, lessons begun within a term are pro-rated.

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