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St. Joseph’s School of Music gives students of all ages, backgrounds, and interests the opportunity to share in the joy of musical expression. Students’ lives change from the new confidence instilled by achieving goals, from their growing ability to communicate and express themselves through music, and from being a part of a nurturing community sharing the common human heritage of music-making. Whether a kindergartener or a retiree, all of our students benefit from a music education.

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sing, play, flourish!

Of Note

We begin the new school year after Labor Day, on Sept. 6.

Semester One: Sept. 6, 2022-Jan. 29, 2023

Semester Two: Jan. 30-June 12

Summer Term: begins June 13

New students may begin at any time.

We have moved! We look forward to welcoming you at our new home, 1619 Dayton Avenue in St. Paul.

COVID-19 information

Each studio has a customized plan for online, in-person, or a hybrid structure of instruction.
Consult your teacher, or new students should contact the office for more detail.
Subject to change as developments occur.
Above all, the health and safety of our  students and broader community leads our decision-making process.
Thank you for your support of SJSM and for partnering with us to help students stay safe while they continue to flourish and progress.
Guidelines for In-PERSON INSTRUCTION (updated Feb. 25, 2022)
1.) All faculty, students, and visitors wash hands before going to your music lesson.
2.) Only our largest studios are open for use. Each open studio is equipped with hand sanitizer, sanitizing cloths, and an air filter machine. Masks are available at the entrance.
3.) All teachers who teach in person must be vaccinated. It is also our expectation that all eligible individuals who visit our school (students, parents, and other visitors) be vaccinated.
4.) Following the Feb. 24th lifting of the mask mandate in St. Paul, SJSM announces that masking in our lobbies and common spaces will be optional.  Masking in studios where private lessons take place is encouraged, however each teacher will determine the guidance for their studio. Masking will still be required in group classes and recitals.
5.) If you feel ill, please stay home.

Upcoming Events

2022-2023 event and recital dates to be announced!

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1619 Dayton Ave.
Suite 200
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