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The Stages Program | On-boarding for NEW BEGINNERS (ages 5-8) in online instrument lessons

By separating out two areas of instrument learning - the cognitive and the physical - the Stages Program will set your student up for future success and joy with their instrument by first building skills in:

  • rhythm
  • eartraining, melody recognition and imitation
  • concentration and focus in the online environment
  • note-reading

Customized preparation for the instrument of choice

Eight one-on-one 20-minute music foundation lessons plus supplementary activities.

Instrument of choice not needed yet.

Required: rhythm instruments as assigned, and parent involvement.

When your student is ready, we will work with you to transition to the instrument of choice, in collaboration with the instrument teacher.

Instructors: A. Myers and L. Dehmlow

Tuition: $215

Get Started!

Tuition 2021-2022

private lessons, per semester

30 Minutes:
45 Minutes:
60 Minutes:
* A full semester includes 17 lessons, performance opportunities, and Exploration Month enrichment. New students can begin at any time, and fees for lessons begun within a semester are prorated. For semester calendar, see calendar/events page.

Registration fee

A $35 registration fee is paid once annually. Additional family members pay $10.

Trial lesson fee: $35

(flexible scheduling, expiration of one year, registration fee applies)

5x 30min.Lesson Pass: $195
10x 30min. Lesson Pass: $375

5x 45min. Lesson Pass:
10x 45min. Lesson Pass:

Subject to teacher approval.

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