Beyond the Lesson...Why Join a Music School?

The caring, close-knit family of teaching artists, staff, and volunteers at St. Joe’s provide a nurturing environment for students to gain a holistic music education that goes further than the private lesson. 
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Sharing the Joy of Music This Holiday Season

Together with your support, and our dedicated staff, students, volunteers, and families, we can continue to provide a nurturing space to learn and share the joy of music with our community this holiday season and for many years to come.
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The Importance of Community – What Makes St. Joe’s Special

At St. Joseph’s School of Music, you’ll find a welcoming environment, nurturing staff, and a close-knit group of families and individuals who share the joy of music. Being a student at St. Joe’s is more than showing up for weekly music lessons–it’s about community.
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The Joy of Music–10 Powerful Benefits of Music Lessons

Through music lessons, students experience the benefits of music firsthand, by building cognitive skills, motor development, and positive social interaction. From its brain-boosting effects to creating new avenues for self-expression and creativity, music lessons support a well-rounded, rich learning experience with lifelong rewards.
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