Lessons and Classes

Lessons For All Ages are one-on-one sessions with an expert teacher of a particular instrument.

Lessons/Summer Term 2020

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  • We offer 30-min, 45-min, or 60-min lessons, depending on age, experience, and personal preferences.
  • Lessons are customized just for you; your teacher will talk to you about your goals and work to help build skills based on your particular strengths and areas of challenge.
  • Lessons are offered for ages 4 and up, but there are some special guidelines for ages 4-7 regarding instrument readiness.
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Youth Classes are group experiences in which students of a similar age combined to study a specific music topic such as foundational skills, sight-singing, theory, or song-writing.

Classes and Programs/Summer Term 2020

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  • Young music students often take a foundational class before choosing their instrument.
  • As students progress, supplementary classes are offered to enrich their understanding of theory, ensemble, and rhythm.

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