“I’ve learned so much from my teacher. I can do so many things I never thought I could do! I’m so appreciative for all the help and guidance.”

katie, student

“St. Joe’s SECE program teaches so many skills beyond music: listening, taking turns, rhythm, rhyming, coordination, right vs. left. My child loves it! I have been to other programs and this one is the best.”

Ann d.

“Anna placed 4th chair in her very competitive high school orchestra and will be Concert Master for a performance. It “takes a village” and we thank St. Joseph’s School of Music for giving her a music foundation and opportunities.”


“Thank you for such a nurturing, kind community. I feel so welcome here.”


“Thank you for all of your help and guidance to prepare for my college applications and auditions.”

Student, 12th grade

“Thank you for three years of coaching and support! Your guidance has helped me grow so much as a singer and gain a lot of confidence; I feel prepared to go on and sing at St. Olaf! Also thank you for helping me prepare for my chamber singer and All State auditions. Being in those groups was life-changing, and I don’t think I could have done it without your help!"

Student, 12th grade

“I enjoyed the recital so much! What a talented group of musicians you have! Thank you.”

audience member

“The faculty benefit concert was so beautiful! I loved the variety of selections, each performed to perfection. I thought of all the lucky young students who would benefit from studying with such excellent musicians and teachers. Thank you for sharing your gift of music.”

audience member

“Thank you for your tireless devotion to music and music education, and the opportunity to be a part of the SJSM family. This school will always have a special place in my heart.”


“I’m really grateful for my friends and colleagues at St. Joe’s.”


“Thank you for expecting the very best of me. It has been invaluable in that I know a new capacity in myself – it’s greater than I thought!”


“I always enjoy coming here. St. Joe’s is such a pleasant and supportive place.”


“This school feels like a big extended family, one that we’re lucky to be part of.”


“Thanks so much for all you do! This year our experience at St. Joe’s has grown ever wider. We were especially grateful for the Orchestra Hall experience, and I’m pleased that one of my kids is now playing piano!”

Anne, Parent

“We feel so cared-for! I am especially grateful for all the performance opportunities – care concerts, studio recitals, Musicales, festivals. It has been a joyful year!”


“My years at St. Joe’s have been such a joy. I will treasure my experience here, how it added richness and colors to my life.”


“The confidence in quality and warm, personal connection we feel with the community are two of the many reasons we appreciate St. Joe’s!”


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