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November 24, 2019 3:00 PM

Urban Growler

Sunday, November 24th, 3-5pm
Urban Growler Brewing
2325 Endicott St, St Paul, MN 55114

Join us at Urban Growler Brewing Company for live music, beer, and refreshments in support of the scholarship program at St. Joseph's School of Music.

An eclectic music program will be performed by SJSM Faculty and Friends.

Grab a pint, some carnitas or veggie nachos, and enjoy a fall afternoon with friends who support excellence in music education for our community.

St. Joseph's School of Music is thrilled to be celebrating our 50th year serving the Twin Cities. We have grown into a school with deep roots in our community, a history of service, and a track record of excellence in music education, making our home in St. Paul’s vibrant Midway neighborhood.

Every day we strive to educate, inspire, and enrich lives through music education and performances. We have tripled the number of students receiving scholarships in the past five years, guided by our values of excellence, affordability, and accessibility.

We are proud of the community we have built at St. Joseph's School of Music, and the opportunities we give students and families to explore and express their love of music.
Sing, play, flourish!


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